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Maps of The Ride:

1) Dawes-Revere Routes from Boston to Lexington

Map: The Boston Region of the American Republic (p.77) from "Concise History of the       American Republic" edited by Morison, Commager & Leuchtenburg (1977).

By permission of Oxford University Press, Inc. (

(Note that the date, April 17, on the marker for William Dawes' route is incorrect.  It was     April 18, 1775.)

2) Map showing the rides of Paul Revere, Wm Dawes, and Dr. Prescott, April 18-19, 1775, James O. Fagan, 1929. [map in the Library of Congress]

Narrative on Fagan map:

Fagan map information on the ride:

Detail, Fagan map:

Detail of Fagan map: